The ceiling showers are the shower heads which are attached to the ceiling. These shower heads are one of the widely used shower heads. These are generally preferred in hotels compared to the bathroom of the homes. The ceiling shower heads are made of steel on a general basis while other than this you have chrome with a wide variety of shape, size, and patterns.


  • Although the material used may be a concern but the most important thing to catch attention is the ceiling showers give a fun shower time and ends up in an enjoyable mood.
  • The ceiling shower heads to give the feeling of being drenched in the rain as it falls straight from up i.e. the ceiling.
  • The shower has an even water flow and attains a good coverage.
  • Apart from this, it is preferred to opt for those ceiling shower heads which have the feature of adjusting the water flow according to the need.
  • It has the feature of water and electricity saving mode.
  • The mechanics of this shower is quite easy hence you can see the materials used in the shower
  • These days the ceiling showers are coming extremely stylish which can add a luxury touch to your bathroom.


There are many ceiling showerheads to count upon among which the best three are mentioned below.

  1. SSS-6*6 Ultra Slim with 9inch Square Arm:- The product by its name is highly slim and stylish in look. It is materialized in stainless steel giving a premium touch to the The slim size not only confines in looks but also doesn’t occupy much space thereby looks need on the ceiling. The sharp jet flowing through it gives a soothing shower experience. The shower gives a full body coverage and the shower pattern is uniform and results in the quick rinse. You can have a look at the model.
  2. TOTAL HOME: 2 Function Waterfall and Water Spray Luxury Large Ceiling Head:- The product is ultra thin and sleek in look having an excellent shower pattern. The shower head is large and thereby give a nice body coverage. It has got a shuttle square rectangle Besides the cleaning is easy. All you need to get the rubber nipple and squeeze it to get rid of the mineral deposition and make it clog free.
  3. AURIGA Multifunction Shower:-This model is expensive but a very smart investment as the shower heads gives you a complete package of the shower is multifunctional having the option of rainfall, mist, water column, chromotherapy followed by LED functionality which is remotely controlled. It is a treat to have such shower head at home.

To conclude there are many showerheads available in the market with a lot of variation in the size, features, patterns, and function with different price ranges. The above-discussed models are extremely sassy to be a part of the bathroom. But some are expensive if you have marked the budget then opt wisely according to your needs and requirement. However, it is a smart idea to go through the reviews of the shower heads straight from the source of harneymfg and then make a smart buy.